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 Business Insurance can protect you again an employee accident, unexpected natural disaster, or crime.

 Business Insurance is design to avoid that your business is put under tremendous financial strain. The most common coverage are: General Liability – Commercial Property – Worker’s Comp.

At JM’s Best Insurance we know that whether you have just started a Florida-based small business or have been running a company for years, the importance of preparing for an unpredicted situation is a must. An employee accident, unexpected natural disaster, or crime can put your company under tremendous financial strain. It’s already tough enough to make a small business a success without being tripped up by the unforeseen. Business Insurance Florida can ensure that your business can weather an unexpected storm and come out strong on the other side.

Commercial Auto
If you depend on vehicles to run your company, commercial auto insurance is a must. Even if a single van represents the extent of your fleet, protecting it with a separate business insurance Florida policy is often the best choice.
You may have faith in your drivers, but even the best wheelmen have no control over others and accidents can happen due to a variety of factors. We at JM’s Best Insurance will design a commercial auto policy that can cover your liability, take care of medical bills following an accident, and insure your vehicle repair costs. It can be buy separately or as a business insurance package.
Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s compensation insurance is required by Florida law if you have four or more employees or work in the construction industry. Even those business owners not required to carry worker’s compensation insurance may choose to, however, as it can protect the company against claims of accidental injury and occupational disease directly attributable to the workplace.
Employees have many rights under the law, some of which can spell trouble for an employer who fails to protect themselves with adequate insurance coverage.

Professional Liability
Professional liability insurance is often thought of as “doctor’s insurance” due to its nature. With this policy we at JM’s Best Insurance can protect the insured against claims of negligence, claims that you misrepresented yourself or your business to a client, and claims that you dispensed inaccurate or harmful advice. Even claims that end up disproven in court can cost the defendant thousands of dollars in legal fees, a fact that illuminates the need for professional liability coverage.
The Most Common Types of Coverage for Commercial Insurance.

For more information regarding Business Insurance or to get a quote please contact us at JM’s Best Insurance.