flood insurance is federally backed by the NFIP, and is designed to make sure everyone has available flood coverage.

 flood insurance it is a mandated insurance when located in a high risk area, and is backed by NFIP “National Flood Insurance Programs”.


Many Florida homeowners are surprised to learn that their home insurance policy says nothing about covering the possibility of flood damage. Here at JM’s Best Insurance we know that living in on a state where flooding is an ever-present danger, many homeowners and renters have no protection against the extraordinary damage water can cause. Owing to its importance, flood insurance is a policy that you can obtain thought by National Flood Insurance Program, which is backed by the federal government; it has been designed to make sure everyone has available coverage.

Federal Disaster Relief
Too many homeowners assume their home will be covered by federal disaster assistance should major flooding occur. This isn’t always the case. This assistance only comes to be available if the President of the United States declares a national disaster and directs federal funds to the area. Furthermore, these funds come in the form of a low interest loan that must be paid back over time.

Under the National Flood Insurance Program, the Maximum amount of coverage that can be purchase of any residential property is $250,000 on building and 100,000 on its contents. Normally, the total amount will be calculated using 1

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00% of the replacement cost of the building to be insured.

Low Risk Areas
Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need flood insurance because you live in a central area of the state. Florida is prone to flooding even in its innermost counties.
The good news is that flood insurance is cheaper for those who live in relatively low risk areas, making the policy premiums more attractive.

Mandated Insurance
If your home is the subject of federal assistance, the law mandates the purchase of flood insurance when located in a high risk area. Even if no federal funds were used in the building or purchase of the home, individual mortgage lenders may insist on the purchase of flood insurance in order to protect their investment in the home.

The Most Common Types of Coverage for Home Insurance.

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