Wind Insurance is paramount to homes susceptible to the ravages of a windstorm.

Homeowners Insurance HO3 – HO8 – Renters Insurance HO4 – Condo Unit Owner/Renters HO6 –Dwelling/Fire –  DP1 and DP3 are the most common types of coverage for Home Insurance.

We at JM’s Best Insurance know that the state of Florida is in prime position to take a beating from both Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico storms, Florida homeowners have spent billions of dollars to recover from major named hurricanes, such as Andrew. Unfortunately, the sizable dollar amounts that often accompany these storms have led many home insurance companies to flee the market. Those carriers that are left, often insure homes for everything except wind damage. This has led the State of Florida to designated an entity called Citizens Property Insurance Corporation to be the insurer of last resort and first provider of wind insurance coverage.


Homeowners unable to procure wind insurance coverage from a private carrier may be eligible to buy wind insurance policy from Citizens. In order to qualified the property need to be within the boundaries of a designated wind only territory and meet all applicable underwriting guidelines.

Windstorm Premiums

When shopping for wind insurance coverage, you may find that premium rates vary considerably depending on your location, the cost of the house and more. Homeowners interested in reducing their rates may wish to add improvements to their house.
These improvements can help bring down premiums and potentially open up windstorm coverage from insurance companies who would otherwise advise you to visit Citizens. Significant improvements may include the addition of gable bracing, strengthened and reinforced garage doors, better roof shingles, improved roof fastening and storm shutters.

Policy Types

Several wind insurance policy types are available the most common are:

HW-2: Intended to protect homeowners from damage done to the building, any structures connected with the primary domicile and the contents therein.
HW-4: Which protects a tenant’s contents in a rental situation.
HW-6: Which protects condominium unit owners for losses suffer to structural additions or/and alterations no cover by the condo association Master Policy, Personal property is covered as well.
DW-2: which covers owners of rental dwelling from losses the same way HW-2 does, except that contents coverage it limits to any inside attached structures (ex. kitchen cabinets).
MW-2: Intended to protect Mobile Home owners from damage done to the structure, attachment, and content within the mobile home.
MD-1: Which protect owner of a tenant-occupied for losses to the structure and contents coverage it limits to any attached structures inside the building (ex. bathroom fixtures).

“No other state in the country is as susceptible to the ravages of a windstorm as Florida. We at JM’s Best Insurance help you get the best coverage.”

The Most Common Types of Coverage for Homeowners Insurance.

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