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Commercial Insurance can protect you again an employee accident, unexpected natural disaster, or crime.

Commercial Insurance it is design to avoid that your business is put under tremendous financial strain. The most common coverage are: General Liability – Commercial Property – Worker’s Comp

At JM’s Best Insurancewe know that whether you have just started a Florida-based small business or have been running a company for years, the importance of preparing for an unpredicted situation is a must. An employee accident, unexpected natural disaster, or crime can put your company under tremendous financial strain. It’s already tough enough to make a small business a success without being tripped up by the unforeseen. Commercial insurance policies can ensure that your business can weather an unexpected storm and come out strong on the other side.

General Liability
A general liability insurance policy is intended to protect you and your business against claims running the spectrum from property damage to bodily injury.

Here at JM’s Best Insurance we sit with the business owners to help him/her choose to include general liability in a broader Business Owners Policy, though many are satisfied with a general liability policy on a standalone basis.
Because even one accident could sink your business in a lawsuit, having the proper coverage is the wise choice.

Commercial Property
Commercial property insurance isn’t just for entrepreneurs who own their own office building. Most policies will help protect you even if you are simply leasing the space. Even home-based businessmen can benefit from a commercial property policy, which helps protect a business against fire, water damage, storm, and more.

We at JM’s Best Insurance will work with you the business owners to come up with a policy that makes sense, whether it focuses on protecting equipment, signs, windows, a roof, or a particularly valuable and unique piece of commercial property.

The Most Common Types of Coverage for Commercial Insurance Florida.

For more information regarding Commercial Insurance or to get a quote please contact us at JM’s Best Insurance.