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Commercial Umbrella this type of coverage is intended to provide a business with extra liability coverage.

Commercial Umbrella provide a business owners with additional protection from accidents and unexpected events far beyond their general liability limits.

Prudent business owners often choose to extend the limits of their liability insurance by purchasing what’s known as a Commercial Umbrella policy. We at JM’s Best Insurance knows the type of coverage is intended to provide a business with extra protection from accidents and unexpected events where the costs exceed the benefit limits inherent in the liability policies.
Additional Protection
Though adding commercial umbrella insurance to your existing policies will increase your overall premiums, it also affords you an extra layer of protection should an accident occur. The additional limits can kick in if your business is put in jeopardy by a lawsuit or otherwise compromised by an accident for which you are legally liable. Many business owners view the purchase of such a policy as an investment in their company’s future.
Umbrella Limits
Most commercial umbrella insurance policies provide for benefits of up to $25,000,000 per claim and can be used to extend common commercial insurance plans, including automobile liability, employers liability, and employee benefits liability.

The Most Common Types of Coverage for Commercial Insurance.

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