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Florida law does not require bikers to be insured with Motorcycle Insurance, but that doesn’t make the importance of adequate insurance any less real.

 Liability Coverage – Medical Payments –  Physical Damage – Uninsured Motorcycle coverage for Motorcycle Insurance.

With warm weather and skies filled with sunshine, Florida tends to attract motorcycle enthusiasts. While riding a bike along Florida’s flat roads may be a pleasant way to get around, it can also be dangerous. Florida law does not require bikers to be insured, but that doesn’t make the importance of adequate insurance any less real. Florida police can charge motorcycle drivers with failure to meet their financial responsibility obligations, which can result in the loss of driving privileges. Here’s a look at some coverage you may wish to consider for motorcycle insurance.

BI – PD Bodily Injury – Property Damage Liability
This form of coverage is available for Florida motorcycle riders who want to make sure their legal liability is covered in an accident. A BI/PD policy covers the cost of any property damage or bodily injury you cause to someone else in an accident. A Basic BI/PD package may cover limits of up to 10/20/10. What this means is the driver is covered for up to $10,000 per person injured in the crash, up to $20,000 per accident, and up to $10,000 for any property damage that occurs. You can choose higher liability coverage, however, if you wish.
Comprehensive and Collision
Bodily injury and property damage coverage is intended to protect other drivers in case of an accident, but Comprehensive and Collision insurance is intended to protect you. Should your motorcycle be damaged in an accident, Collision coverage will pay for the repairs up to the limits of your benefit package. Comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs should the damage result from something else, such as fire or theft.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist UM
Cars with at least four wheels are required to be insured in the state of Florida, but up to 15% of drivers still choose to go without. As a responsible motorcyclist, you may wish to protect yourself against an accident with an uninsured motorist. UM coverage will cover damages and injuries you sustain in an accident where the other party is both at fault and without insurance coverage. It can also be used to make up the gap between an insured party’s liability limits and the actual cost of your repairs and/or medical bills.
Medical Payments
As a Florida motorcycle driver, you may wish to purchase Medical Payments coverage. Regardless of who is at fault in an accident, you can use this coverage to pay for your medical care following a crash. Many drivers without health insurance or with a medical plan that excludes “dangerous activities” may wish to take advantage of a good Med-Pay plan.

Custom Parts and Equipment
The average Comprehensive/Collision policy package may be modified with a Custom Parts & Equipment clause. This additional coverage can make up for a gap in motorcycle value and the value of any custom modifications you may have made to the bike. Common examples of coverable modifications or equipment include electronic devices, sidecars, trailers, and custom paint jobs.

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